drum writing changing levels

Why is it that the exact same (minus a minor roll) drum sequence that was copied and pasted eventually looks different?

Should I be concerned?
cubase concern.png

Out of blocks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, only 2,3 & 4 look similar, and 2 & 4 look identical …? Which was the original & which one’s did you copy?

When you say copy & paste, do you mean by way of using your keyboard’s…what is it now, holding down the ALT(?) or the Ctrl(?) button and dragging it over with your mouse? Or literally copy & pasting?

Anyway, I assume it doesn’t sound the same if you’re visually missing a roll or two?

The only times I recall hearing say a drum hit in a midi drum track, is when I actually have a bar under another bar (or super imposed, or whatever) If I’m not sure that’s the case, what I do is drag that bar down to the next open midi track (temporarily with my mouse) and this will reveal if there’s a bar under the one I’ve just moved. This has driven me NUTS before, not knowing why I’m hearing a hit, when there’s no hit in my midi section…just days ago that happened to me again.