Drumagog 5 or Trigger....


Remember Trigger is not suitable for cymbals either, being designed for Kick/Snare/Toms only.
Drumagog 5 has VST plugin support - I set mine up with copies of all VSTi that have drum libraries into a special “Drumagog” folder in the VST plugins, as aiming it at the normal one causes it to scan - and list - dozens of plugs it cannot use and there is something seriously cool about triggering BFD2 out of Drumagog - try doing that with Trigger.
Another problem with trigger is loading the samples unheard as there is no way to audition them as you can with Drumagog, and Drumagog 5 is just a lot more detailed in it’s control, with ducking modes, bleed reduction, hi-Hat tracking - I could go on & on, but to me there is room for both (I own both Trigger Platinum & Drumagog 5 Platinum).
If I had to choose one, it would be Drumagog 5 though - it is so much better than previous versions.

With SSD, you are forced to use Trigger (unless you want to use SSD triggered (pun unintentional) via Drumagog’s VST Plugin interfacing as the samples are locked to SSD and they no longer provide WAV or GOG files.

I’ll see what I can put together. It’s very difficult to describe it in a meaningful way - suffice it to say I was very sceptical until I tried it, at which point I had to just buy it immediately.

One thing I can post is a reprint of a comment from the man himself.

VCC Models.

Symbol (Trident 80B)

  • “Wide soundstage, smooth high end and fat low end.” Out of the four consoles in Slate VCC this is the “cheapest” one of the group. But don’t let that dissuade you from using it because it’s a sound heard on a lot of famous records. Late 60s.

Brit 4K (SSL 4000G)

  • Countless platinum albums. Late 80s vintage. “Clean, punchy, wide and slightly aggressive.” Used a lot on rock, pop, metal and hip hop.

Brit N (Neve 8048)

  • 1960s vintage console. Abbey Road had one. 1960s-until the SSL 4000 came out it probably dominated as the top shelf console (because the SSL has automation/recall). Used the famous 1081 preamp/EQ strip. “Rich, fat and warm.”

US A (API 1604)

  • Mid-1970s vintage. Famous for it’s 550/560 EQs. Thick and fat tone with midrange punch.

RC Tube

  • RCA BC-6B (modded to hell). 50’s vintage.

Recently the man himself (Mr. Slate) recommends a mixture of the consoles for a bad ass flavor. Brit N on guitars, US A on drums, Brit 4k on the rest for channels.
On the mix buss, 4k followed by the RC-Tube

I can attest to how good the API works on drums, and the Neve is seriously nice.
Works particularly well after the UAD Studer A800.

How about this one…


I’ll demo it next week…

Big K

Not used that one myself (The SPL). It will be interesting to hear what you think.
Does it also do hats/cymbals (Trigger is K-S-Toms only)

What version of Trigger did you get? I sprung for the Platinum one so I got all the complete SSD drum library for use in it as well. One downside is that SSD no longer give WAV or GOG files. Fortunately, I had them “left over” from the SSD 3.5 EX purchase.

I hope I will jump into this thread soon. Exactly the same here, Bredo :slight_smile: Exept that I bought trigger last year during the 50% off-CyberMonday (or was it black friday?) - But I never had the time to check it out. I am still in DG5 - which is quite cool but there are some serious things which are bugging me. SSD I have in the old version, that means I have gogs so I can use in DG5.

I never had use for the cymbal/hihat/ducking/vstplugin features - why? If I need processing I can do it in Nuendo. And I never replaced Hihats and Cymbals - I usually replace kicks/snares in harder music, thats it.

I recently bought VCC during another 50% off - I tried it out shortly, but was not able to get any use for it in that moment. I think I need to dig into it deeper. It just changed “something” to the bad, in my case.


My only real gripe with D5 is that using the auto hi-hat tracking adds a another load of latency that Nuendo just does not seem to compensate for so the Hi-Hat track has to be moved forwards in time to compensate.
Works really well though, and gets rid of all the spill from the blasted snare blatting away…
Posted the problem at the D5 forums, and am waiting for a reply…

There are some other latency issues as well, when using in realtime I usually have no problems but when printing a miditrack in a fullblown mix I usually have to manually move that track by 70ms.