Drumagog 64-bit for Windows is released

That, took a long time. Finally, as it was my last 32-bit plugin to be updated/released in 64-bit.

You will find it under your Drumagog account.

Better late then never…

But sorry to say that: In the meantime I used Slate Trigger almost exclusively. I am now used to it in a way that I am not sure if I will go back to DG soon…

Well, we’ll see…

Same goes for me. I think I will stay with Slate Trigger.
Especially after I got an error message, and it didn’t work, in Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5. Strangely enough it opened fine in Cubase 7???
I reported the above at the Drumagog forum, but no official answer yet.

mmm I just switched it for: "hitpoint detection ->export Midi " and trigger whatever there.

The really big, killer “cannot do this in trigger” things with Drumagog 5 is hosting external plugs & triggering them.
I have made a special “D5_VSTplugins” folder which has BFD2, BFD3 & HALion 5 in it (others can be added) which allows me to bypass the stock GOG library & use all my BFD expansion packs, and even trigger any sound at all from HALion 5.
You simply cannot do this in Trigger…and D5 has a better (I think) way of dealing with Hats & Cymbals too.
Not that trigger is bad - it is a great piece of software & truly mighty - it is just that Drumagog is mightier.

Me too, this is by far the most accurate and quickest for me.
Hurrah Cubase!

well, the hitpoints are quite suboptimal for me when it comes to very fast parts - for example 16th @ 220 or more bpm - as well as when it comes to sample precicse layering of samples with the original hits…

Here the new Trigger ist quite awesome, but Drumagog is still not bad and in some way I allways prefered DG. For me the optional VSTi support was never an option because WHEN I want to use external stuff I usually prefer to generate (and edit!!) the Midi tracks first… Well but anything is up to taste and depends.

Basically I would say that it is somewhat suboptimal that DG came up with 64bit support that late. While Slate is working on long awaited 64bit stuff for ages as well (Trigger was never 64bit, even when there was an installer, Trigger 2 is finaly - and I still wait for FX-G and VTM etc to become FULL 64 bit) they though often release some new stuff and so on so that I have the feeling that they are more “in” compared to Drumagog - at least this is my feeling. Drumagog was THE drumreplacement application for me and maybe if there was some more “life” regarding updates and developement I maybe would have never started to use Trigger in my sessions that much.