Drumagog disappears from projects

When I have a bunch of VSTi’s loaded in a project, then close and reopen the project, my Drumagog inserts disappear. If it’s a light program, with few VTSi’s, Drumagog will stick around after saving, closing and reopening. But if I load in a half dozen or so EW Play instruments, Drumagogs are gone.

I have sent this info to the folks at Drumagog, and they’ve given me the dreaded “We’ve never seen this before!” response.

Anyone else see this?

I have. Happens here too. I’m also on Win 7 64 bit.

Sounds like it could be related to:


Hey, thanks for the tip! Just downloaded the LFS Checker - and I shared the link with Corey at Drumagog, too.

Responded to Corey at Drumagog with a LFS count of 83, and he says that shouldn’t have any bearing on this - should be plenty of slots left.

If you have 83 slots available then that isn’t your problem. Are you sure you used the FLS checker on a project which has the issues? Some VSTi are notorious for taking up nearly all available slots (I’m looking at you Arturia).

I’ve run the checker with nothing plugged in, and that gives me 83. With a couple of Drumagogs and EW Play plugged in, (which is the setup that causes the problem), it dips to something like 79, so it should still be in the clear.

You need to use the FLS checker when you’re in a project where Drumagog doesn’t load as each unique plugin added will use more FLS slots. If you’re out of FLS slots when Drumagog won’t load then that’s your issue.