Drumfile to zoom mrs 1266

I have made a simple drumbeat and want it on my zoom mrs 1266…

the zoom mrs 1266 can only read SMF format 0 files

I have tried both to “save as” the midifile and “export” and chosen format “0” but my zoom mrs 1266 wont find neither…

Is the zoom mrs 1266 too old or does cubase Le4 (wich I use) not save the files in SMF? If I export it says .mid…if I “save as” it reads something else. or am I just plain stupid noobie?

the zoom has a CD-drive
from the manual of the zoom:
The following SMF´s cannot be read
Format 1 or 2…Files that do not conform to the iso9660 standard level 1, or with an extension other than .mid
files written on a disc that the sesion is left open

cheers, have a good week :slight_smile: