Drumgog firing SSD4 latency?

I’m trying to use Drumagog to fire samples from Slate Digital SSD4. Drumagog support informed me that SSD4 wasn’t supported by Drumagog, as far as the “plugin” feature, but there is a workaround. You simply select midi out in Drumagog, and choose a midi channel out. Then you load an instance of SSD4 on a midi track, and set it’s input to “drumagog out”,… making sure you have matching midi notes for whatever sample you want SSD4 to fire.

My problem is, while this works fine,… I have quite a lot of latency from SSD4 as it fires the sample,…about as much as an open “flam”,(in drum talk).

Any idea as to why this is happening. I’ve heard that others are using this same method with no issues. By the way, I’m using Cubase 6.0.2 (I believe).