Drumloops playback not consistent

Hi! Having bit of a head scratcher. Dropped drumloop to GA4, sliced and midi triggered from midi channel in Q9.5.2. Interactive quantize and other randomise in quantize panel are off. The playback is not constant. It’s very subtle but on drumloops it’s changing the groove a lot, and seems like on every bar. So i must be missing something important here?

Here is the screenshot, bounced out 8bars and then put on top of each other. :confused:


edit: it’s perfect when midi channel triggers kontakt for example


This is normal for any DAW. It depends when the sample come to the Buffer. Decrease Buffet Size lower the range.

How would the buffer setting affect internal MIDI triggering?

Are you sure the tempo is perfectly matched? Almost looks like it’s slightly off speed which is further offsetting each loop. Or do you mean the same MIDI triggers fine from Kontact on the same loop?

It’s not about “internal MIDI triggering”. This is not the part, where you get the difference. It’s about when the signal (packet) is processed. If you set lower Buffer Size, the packets are smaller, so the processing is more often. So the distance is not so big.

Why would there be any difference at all? A midi loop like this should play exactly the same no matter what the buffer is set at.

As I said already, this is not about the MIDI loop. This is about the processing of the virtual instrument.

Please read some theory.