Drummer Plugins

Is there any way to separate each individual drum from a program like EZ Drummer? For example, I have the Midi track with the entire drum rhythms loaded into my Cubase 8 project. Can I take each drum, i.e. bass, snare, cymbals, etc. and load them into their own tracks individually?


The multiple outs (as linked by SuStudio) is probably what you are looking for…allowing you to process each drum on it’s own channel.
But If you want to separate the actual midi as well/instead just select and use Midi/Dissolve Part

EDIT…Sorry I should clarify that dissolve track works for midi tracks only as described.
If you use dissolve track on an instrument track it splits the track but also adds an instrument with the same preset loaded for every track…so if using instrument tracks not always advisable as you’ll end up with half a dozen instances of ezdrummer instead of one. You could always copy the part to a midi track if you wanted to do this.

I happen to be in a forum conversation that deals with a related topic but for EZD2. I list the step by step procedure there for EZD2. It might be the same procedure for EZD (I don’t remember if it is exactly the same but… it should be close). But check it out at this link. The procedure is listed in my last post dated 3/11/2015.

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Thanks for all of your help. The youtube video posted by sustudio is an absolute fix to my problem! Thanks again to all.