Drums imported from xml file play mode issue

I am importing a song in both xml and midi from Cubase 9.5 project
the project includes Drums programmed in cubase.
now when i import the project by xml or midi in dorico the Play mode always spread the drum map note as empty tracks all over the play page, how can i view only the drum track combines and note spread

Do the drums in Cubase conform to the General MIDI standard drum map? If so, then you would probably get better results importing MIDI, and being sure to specify the General MIDI percussion map in the Advanced Editor section of the updated MIDI Import Options dialog in Dorico 4.

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Thank you so much, all my respect, sir

thank for baring with me, i tried both ways from xml and midi
it did not work. i still facing all midi map tracks on the page although the mixer show on e track only. for expample i have a shaker instrument on the mixer track but the whole midi map still spreading the whole map note in empty tracks

the issue is in xml mode, who can i tell dorico when importing a general midi drums to only show me the notes i have recorded like snare cymbal etc, and not the whole midi map each one on a separate and empty track

this is my issue

You mean the problem is that you see each instrument individually in Play mode, rather than a single “Drum Set” track? If so, I’m afraid that’s just how it works in Dorico: the display in Play mode is instrument-based rather than player-based, so each instrument in the kit appears as its own track.

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I can live with it, and it would be a great improvement if you add an option to the next update.
Love Hani

I just wanted to say:
Daniel you are a Genius