Drums Midi Track crashes on selection of Pads

Went to add further drums to a Midi Drum track I had already created, pressed PADS and C3 shut down, crashed.


Hi David,

Thanks for your message.

Please let me know if the issue is reproducible.
If so, please let me have the steps, to share it with our engineering.

Thank you,

Ok, it’s happening again, here are the details Lars.

  1. It contains 25 tracks, 5 are muted, they are saved copies.
  2. 11 are Audio tracks, the rest Midi
  3. I need to add/replace a drum instrument on top of one midi track
  4. I press the M for Mute button, all tracks are muted, I don’t need to hear the other tracks.
    (# Other option Is to press the S Solo button on its own, which mutes all the other tracks in the same way)
  5. I press the S for solo button on the Midi track I want to record a drum instrument on.
  6. Check the Midi track is highlighted
  7. Press the Highlighted “PADS” button

Work Around.

  1. Create new Midi track under one you were going to edit, it picks the kit from track above.
  2. Press PADS OR KEYS
  3. Move new track on top of old one and Glue.

Here’s an odd thing, after I added the new Mid track…

I mistakingly pressed the original Midi track that I wanted to record over in the beginning and when I pressed the PADS BUTTON, it enabled and I was able to record my new Midi Drum instrument on top of the original.

Hope this is helpful Lars,


Hi David,

Thank you for providing us with the details.

Are you able to share the project with us, so we can give it a repro?
If so, please compress the project in the Files app, upload it via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,