Drums not velocity sensitive?

Come to think of it I can’t get any of the in built Cubasis instruments to respond to velocity, or expression automation. Any ideas why this might be? Looked everywhere for settings but can’t find them!

Also while I’m here, a couple of small but important feature requests;

Option to auto-quantize
Option to auto-merge during cycle recording

Getting on a lot better with Cubasis now I’m in Air 2 :slight_smile: can finally see what all the fuss was about!

Hi chimpspanner,

Thanks for your feedback.

Cubasis’ internal instruments are limited to one velocity level per key as of now.

However the internal on-board keyboard allows to make use of sensitivity when playing different positions on the keys (make sure to maximize the keyboard to full screen when fiddling around with the feature).

Thanks for providing the additional feature requests which are on our list for future updates.

Have great fun using Cubasis on your iPad Air 2!


So there is no way to edit the volume of all notes of a certain key? Say, turn down a loud hi-hat a bit?

Hi sduross1,

Please follow this example to edit volumes of all notes of a certain key

1 - Create a MIDI track and assign it to HipHop Kit
2 - Record a few bars of MIDI (e.g. HiHat)
3 - Double tap the MIDI event to open it in the MIDI editor
4 - Select all notes and change its velocity values (e.g. to the lowest value) by using the “draw” tool

Following these steps you’re able to change the volume of all notes of a certain key.
To record tracks in various velocities right away, please make sure to trigger notes in different positions on the on-board keyboard.

Hope that helps.