Drums On Demand Sale (up to 50%)

Wow, one good deal on a product I already bought more than a year ago…their sample drum sets, $37.00 for all kits…I think I paid like $55.00 (?) They come in multi-formats, I’ve been using in Kontakt.

For anyone who uses DOD.


I also have a nice collection of their loops from throughout the years, which the above sample kits match up to them. Not as many velocities as say, Toon Track, XLN Audio etc, but sound cool. I just happen to be a fan of DOD is why i bought the sample kits.

They have sales on many of their other products too.

General MIDI-mapped and formatted for Reason NN-XT (Reason Refill), Kontakt (4.0 and above), Logic ESX24, Pro Tools’ Structure and Garageband.

Ta Sync,

So not able to use with Cubase ?


As far as I know, not directly, maybe certain DAW’s have built in players(?) dunno…but to use within Cubase, you have to use a player VSTi …

I know from experience with at least the Kontakt formats, that some of the DOD’s kits (I bought them all) play well Kontakt 4.0, while some others need at least Kontakt 4.2.4(?) or higher…though Kontakt 4 is able to play the rest via (I think) the Logic formats…

As I said, my main gripe is the lack of multi-velocities unlike the biggie drum VSTi’s out there. They’re also proccessed just like the DOD loops are. But if you own their loop collections, this is almost a must-have. Fot those that do not have their loops, this is a cheap way to have some kits at your disposal if you don’t own some great big name drum samplers.

Ok, thanks a lot Sync. That’s very helpful mate.

Sure :wink:

I do have to admit I use Toontracks drum VSTi the most out of the several drum VSTi’s I have.

Yes, the EZD2 looks excellent as I watched some good demo’s on it. I was also very impressed with its simplicity.

I may still hold out for GA4 thou…

I’m glad you said this because I was contemplating buying the bundle.

Hi Larry :wink:

Yeah regarding the sample kits, as I said …while it’s not your biggie drum VSTi, they even dis-claim it’s not intended to compete with them, I do not regret buying the entire bundle for what I paid for them. I find them extremely cool to have matching kits for all their loops I have. Works great, even with my ekit too. Having limited velocities is the bummer though.