Drums part issues, asking for serious help

Hi, I have a problem about importing drums part:
I would like to take a project I was working on in Sibelius, and continue to work on it in Dorico.
When I imported the project (via xml), many things were missing in the drum part, and they were also misspelled (missing snare parts, tuplets inside tuplets, missing tuplet notes, etc.).
After I finished to rewrote the drums part (it took me a few hours), after I reopened the file I found Dorico kept the files at a wrong rhythms (again, tuplets inside tuplets), and lots of mess.

I feel lost :sweat:
I would be happy for help with any of these directions activity - maybe solve it with making correct import, or how to get Dorico to save the file properly.

All other parts (there is an orchestra in addition to the drums, which also include various kinds of tuplets in the different parts) was imported perfectly.

Attaches pictures showing some bars of the drums part. First picture is the part itself (as how it should be written), second picture is how the part was imported, third picture is after I saved and reopened the software (i.e, how Dorico was save the file).
The file was saved as a Dorico file in all the process.

Help please.


Welcome to the forum, Asaf. I’m sorry you’re having problems with MusicXML import. I’ve never encountered a problem before where having saved and reopened the project, the notation is completely different. Something peculiar must be going on there; my instinct is that somehow you must be opening a different version of the project, or you’ve made a number of edits in one layout that aren’t reflected in another layout. Are you able to zip up and attach the project here?

Hi Daniel,
Please find attached the project files.

Thanks for your assistance.

Nights of Desertion - XML + MXL files.zip (656 KB)
Nights of Desertion - Dorico file after retyping.zip (1.8 MB)
Nights of Desertion - Original Sibelius file.zip (1.1 MB)

Nights of Desertion - PDF.zip (955 KB)

Thanks for those files, Asaf. I’ve retyped a few of the bars between 97 and 105 in your project (though not all of them!) and they appear to be correctly preserved and restored when I reopen the project. Try filling in the missing bars between 100 and 104 in the attached version of your project – I think it should be OK from here.
Nights of Desertion - after retyping the drums set part - Dorico 3 file.dorico.zip (681 KB)

Hi Daniel,
Thank you very much for your help.
I believe that from now on it will be OK, but if there will be more issues, I will update you.


Sorry for the OT, but this time as good as any; I must say I find your dedication and customer support astonishing! Seen it a lot of times, people getting help with various things at (sometimes VERY) various hours of the day/night…! From both Dorico staff and helpful forum members. Thank you very much!

You’re very welcome. I want every Dorico user to have as good an experience of using the software as possible.

Wow. I am so impressed with the retyping, Daniel. That is wonderful.