Drums parts to separate outputs !

is there a way to have simple and quick output assignment for drum parts (kick,snare ,OH etc…) like in EZdrummer, or N.I studio drummer for kontakt… ?
(the regular stock drums not the B-Box)
Edit: Same Q about HS2

Outputs are assigned through the program bus, found at the end of each program tree of a loaded preset. You can also assign outputs in the aux tab, found in the amplifier section of the zone page.

You have to make sure you enable additional outputs, as by default, only the master is enabled from the start. You can enable more through the instrument rack in Cubase, or if you are on Cubase 7, right click on the top of the toolbar of the plugins GUI and there will be an activate outputs submenu available.

mmm… yeah i guess its possible to have each drum(snare,kick etc…) assigned to different bus, but its a lot of digging into menus and programing…!
a better method for drums would be a “macro” interface to assign each drum to an output as in groove agent one for example.

I suppose it is all in what you are used to. By default, I automatically create a new bus for each layer created within a program, as it really helps with adding effects etc, that are only applied to that layer and not the program as a whole, so while in there, assigning an output is not an issue. You don’t have to create a bus though, you can use the aux tab in the amplifier section of the zone page and have the sound outputted to your desired choice without a bus creation for the layer. It becomes very quick once you are accustomed to it. I just wish it had native mono outs and I would be set for sure.

i guess ill have to dig H5 more to make more “benefit” from it,
how about HS2 i assume its not possible there !

thanks for reply, i do more exploration when i will need those track separation in drum sounds with H5/HS2 in near upcoming mixing.

Aloha guys,

My approach (if yer 'puter can handle it) Is to just have one instance (track)
of a VI for each separate instrument.

I will put open and closed hi-hats or on occasion some percussion (congas etc) on the same track
but everything else gets its own VI instance with it’s own stereo out.

Like in a real studio this gives the engineer (me) complete control.

Just my approach.

actually thats what i liked in Halion one , only one instrument and used with instruments track and no midi track.
(hopefully SB will implement multi timbral VSTI to be used with multi instrument tracks )
but for drums sets i like it when i record it in one track with option to separate each drum to its own output for further processing.
and it saves some cpu power for my PC when using less instrument on rack.(i usually disable reverbs on H5 to save cpu and use trough sends of cubase when needed)