Drums, Play 16

I need to write “Play 7” or Play 16 etc. in my drum set (5-line) parts.

I currently use multibars, no rests in empty bars. This gives the normal ‘tacet’ but I thought could be used for Play x since the x is already there.
Then I add the word “play” to the beat before and move it in Engrave to nearer the number (of bars it represents). I cannot see any prefix available in Engrave that would precede the number. (Not sure what I will do for a real tacet, but replacing “Play” with “Tacet” would work.)

Or sometimes use ‘simile’ in the bar before if the measure shows the rhythm.

As far as I know, we are still missing the repeat sign that goes within a stave so showing all measures I decided is not good, plus it uses up space. If I could replace the measure rest with them then this would help.

What is everyone currently doing for this? or am I missing some feature in v1.2?

I would love to have this feature too. What it should be is a squiggly line in place of a multi-bar rest, and the text ‘play for 15 bars’, or ‘play 15’ or similar above it.

I was fiddling around with this problem and got as far as changing the measure for the drum part. Perhaps someone else can figure out how to produce the swiggly horizontal line to cover up the measure rest.

Admittedly its a work-around–and a time-consuming one. But until this is added as a feature…


We know that this is necessary, and when we add support for repeat/ditto bars etc. we will try to take care of this requirement then.

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Thank you all. Any other workarounds welcome until it arrives.

I tried to change the color and opacity of the (tacet) line in properties, but nothing seemed to happen. I wonder what this setting does?
What would be nice is an option to change this line to a squiggle and prefix the number then it would function for now, but I suppose there are a lot of behind-the-scene things that need to be taken care of so it won’t be as simple as that, since repeats are still missing.

(32/4 …!) thanks for the idea Derrek … could work.