I need help!!!
in drum kit missing rim shot sound and H.H.open sound!!!

Do you use the playing technique Open on the hihat?
And for the rimshot?

it still does not work!!!

Perhaps you could zip up your project and attach it here, so we can take a look?

The biggest surprise for me with Percussion was that my XML import from last week, in which Dorico dumped everything in my drum-set part onto the center line, now shows everything just where I wanted it! That’s brilliant.

my file
DRUMS.dorico.zip (308 KB)

Same problem here: no side stick and no open hi-hat.

I could solve the side stick problem myself: the drum kit definition used playing technique cross stick, while the percussion map used playing technique side stick, once I changed that, this worked. The hi-hat, however still refuses to change between open and closed.

I used playing technique pt.open2 from the unpitched percussion playing techniques for that, but the playing technique line in the the play window for hi-hit only shows Closed, and not the change between Closed and Open as expected

Unfortunately we did discover a problem with technique changes being ignored in percussion parts just as we released the 1.2 build. There is however a simple workaround to get it working again. If you have an open/closed technique that isn’t being respected, select the note and delete, then undo. The problem is caused due to the ordering of the technique and the note, and the delete & undo ensures that they are in the right order.

Thanks Paul, the workaround works for me, so I hope there’s a 1.2.10 update soon where this is corrected (as well as the side/cross stick confusion)

Addendum to my comment above from Dec 05: Though my xml-imported drum set part LOOKED right, its playback wasn’t (I heard flutes or perhaps horn). OK, I don’t expect miracles from XML import, but I found that Change Instrument on my percussion staff didn’t give the desired result; the notes were still in the “old” instruments. And I didn’t have any luck moving them into the new drum kit. Maybe I just missed the instructions that would tell my how, I’m still familiarizing myself with the new techniques.

So I ultimately had to create a new 5-line percussion staff and enter the music anew. (As far as I can tell, drum music is resistant to selection and copying by the usual method.) Again, I may have missed the way to do it; we’ve only had it a day and I’m still learning.

Paul’s workaround deleting and undo works, but, then again, only when playing back, not when auditioning (clicking etc.) like with Hi-Hat (pedal). I guess auditioning only uses ‘natural’ playing techniques?

Yes, that’s correct. Currently auditioning only uses the natural technique on percussion instruments.

Once you have defined the rim shot, how do you tell the program to write it (instead of the regular snare note) in your Drum part?

Click on the note, then use SHIFT+ALT+(up/down arrow) to cycle through the techniques.


Thank you. Adding the SHIFT key did it.