Drumset - Hi Tom voice triplet issue

So I have this figure that, after some trial and error, I eventually realized Dorico was curiously putting the Hi Tom in the down-stem facing voice. This looked particularly awkward because it was part of a triplet figure (snare-tom-snare). I was able to correct it by right clicking>percussion>change voice. See below:


The down stem voice (hi hat pedal) also incorporates the triplet from the tom and the part indicates that it should be quarter note (not an 8th). When I try to adjust it by deleting the tuplet in the lower voice, I get this:

Is there a way to avoid this? I can’t find a way to fix this.

You could re-enter the top part as the triplet you had before and make the HH foot pedal a normal eighth note, assuming you wanted the foot pedals all to be down-stem.

I will upload the project soon to show its not as quick a fix as it seems.