Drumset with triplet rhythm

Admittedly, I could not come up with a better title…

  • Create a solo player with a simple drum set.
  • Enter rhythm to snare drum: quater note, eighth-note-triplet, …
  • Go back to beat one
  • Enter half note to base drum.


I’m pretty a sure a half note should span across all three triplet notes, right?

(I don’t want to discuss the presentation, I know it can be changed.)

Not if it’s in the same voice as where the triplet is.

Pianoleo, what do you mean with “same voice”? I did not change anything regarding voices, just described the most minimal steps to reproduce…
(Just trying to find out if you are adding to the bug report or telling me that I’ve done something stupid :wink: )

Your drum kit is one voice, as I can see from the stems. Let’s put this another way:

  1. You’re using one voice (you are!)
  2. You decide you want a note that lasts for two thirds of the second beat.
    If Dorico doesn’t work the way it currently works, how would you type in that you wanted a quarter/crotchet under a quaver/eighth triplet? E.g. two thirds of the beat?

I don’t see (yet?) how what I did corresponds to what you describe…
I pressed 7, so I expect a note that has the length of a half note?

Forget about this being a drum kit, because it’s irrelevant - a regular five-line instrument stave would work exactly the same way.
You type a C quarter, then three C triplet eighths, then two C quarters.
Then you add an F to the first C quarter, then hit 7 to make it a half note.
What happens? It ties together a quarter and two (tuplet) eighths.

What would you do in this situation if you wanted a half note F? You’d make it another voice, of course!

Why would you expect a drum kit to work any differently to this? You have the option to use multiple voices, and it’s what you’d do if it were a violin stave. (We’ll call it divisi violins to circumvent the fact that one violinist couldn’t play this.)

I would say, humbly, that this all makes perfect sense now that I am thinking my way through your perfectly recorded explanation :wink:

(I have removed the word “bug” from the topic title.)

There’s a neat option that you might find useful when dealing with different durations in drum set: Notation Options > Percussion > “Truncate to shortest duration”.