Drumstick pointer mis-selects items.

I’m using the GAone supplied with my cubase essentials. I have sussed most things out. When drawing notes (diamond shaped dots) in the track editor the drumstick pointer causes (in snap mode) a thin black cursor line at the beat where I want to insert the note and all is well ‘n’ groovy. If however there is already a note on an adjacent beat (where there is no cursor) the pointer incorrectly selects and deletes that dot instead of inserting on the cursor as intended.
ga 4.png
ga 5.png
By my logic the deleted note is not chosen by the cursor and should be left well alone and if I want to delete it then I’ll make sure the cursor is on it. The only way I can get round it at the moment is to waste time expanding the horizontal scale to push them apart but then I lose my wider overview of the track.
Is there an adjustment for pointer sharpness/padding as it’s almost like it has a huge hidden ball on the end?
Does anyone else’s do this and is there a solution?