DS, DC or End Repeat ignore signs and return to very beginning.

Our song starts off with a dotted half note rest then a quarter lead-in note for the first measure then a start repeat bar with a Segno above it to start the second measure. At the end of the 9th measure we have an end repeat bar (default = 2 count) for the repeat back to the start repeat at the start of the second measure which works fine. Then the song continues past the second repeat at measure 9/10 and goes to measure 27 which ends with an end repeat bar with a D.S. al Fine and a #1 above it for the first ending. The issue is that every time we expect to return to DS or first Start Repeat Bar it goes all the way back to the beginning and starts of=ver with the first measure skipping the Segno and Start Repeat Bar at the beginning of the second measure. We contacted support and checked all the Play Properties and all looked okay. Your thoughts in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, rodsager. Would you be able to zip up the project itself and attach it here, rather than just a picture? If you don’t want to attach the whole project, you could delete e.g. all of the bars in between the various repeat markers so that the project is just a handful of bars long. Provided it still reproduces the problem, we should be able to give you a solution you can then retrofit to your actual project.

Hi Daniel, thanks, glad to be here. Attached is the zip file you asked for, let me know if you need anything else.

Fingers excerpt by Maynard and Sager.dorico.zip (488 KB)

Rod, it strikes me that you have an unclear repeat structure here, and I’m not sure that I’d know how to play it (so I’m not surprised that Dorico can’t figure it out either). My suggestion would be that you move the D.S. to the end of what is currently bar 7, then delete bars 4 and 5 entirely, along with the repeat endings.

Hi pianoleo, thank you for the response. I see what you mean and have applied those edits to the full version of the song and it now works as expected. Thank you!! I hope I can return the favor.

I don’t think it’s the DS that’s the problem. Dorico is respecting the end-repeat barline at bar 5, which doesn’t have a corresponding start-repeat barline to go back to.
It then goes back to the beginning, correctly bypassing the first time bar (and thus the D.S.).

I agree and now understand this better - thank you.

My guess is you were responding to my initial response which I was in the process of revising while I tested your suggestions (I incorrectly thought the post would not be seen until I finished editing) so thank you for your patience and persistence. I am excited about learning how to use Dorico and love the availability of the community and look forward to helping others in return.

If there was a “like” button (as there once was!) I’d use it here :wink: