Dsoniq Realphones Plugin mutes output when going back to position 0


I have an issue with the Dsoniq Realphones plugin. Sporadically when I use the plugin at the post stage of the main outputs in Cubase, the output is muted when I’m going back to song position 0.
It can only be shortly healed, when removing the plugin from the insert and adding it again, but as soon as I go back to position 0 it’s messed up again.

Any idea what could causes it? Do you experienced similar issues maybe with other plugins?

Any feedback is highly appreciated.



Is there any automation by any chance?

Hello Martin.

I have no automation on the output fx chain. Only on my single tracks.

Kind Regards


Is it Mute automation or other parameter, please?

No as I wrote I have no automation running on this channel.


I mean the single track.