DSP Factory - Yamaha DS2416

I would like to know if steinberg and Yamaha plans to renew support for the DS2416 and SW1000XG because they do not get rid of these cards ever, and I wonder why since the RME cards from that same time as the DS2416 created - they support today so far, and yamaha steinberg and killed DS2416 and SW1000XG. It is a shame for such a large company.
It was not a very smart move on the part of yamaha and steinberg, concerning the withdrawal of support for these cards - the card has a 32bit dsp DS2416 procesing, 44bit acumulator equalizer, carries some processes with 56bit processing accuracy, even in the present times are good parameters, the AD/DA converters has enough well as to my ear, the specifications AD/DA do not look. I also have a TC Powercore cards, and UAD2, and DS2416 does not seem to do worse.