DSP Mix - Please allow to work with Cubase

Would you like the option for DSP mix to work with Cubase?

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I would really love to see you allow the DSP mix to run whilst Cubase is open rather than having to use the Control room options in Cubase…

I did a location recording with Cubase yesterday and set up cues for monitoring using the control room, which was complicated and fiddley, but fine (and impressively comprehensive) …

BUT at the end of the session I closed Cubase and all the monitor sends reverted back the standard DSP monitoring thusly opening all monitor connections to all outputs (which at the time was supplying just a keyboard signal to a wedge monitor); all mics in the room were then being monitored in the wedge cause huge feedback…

Now, I should have had foresight to turn down the gains before closing Cubase (though some were already at zero and would’ve require an extra -10dB pad) but I still felt like the Control room/Mixer method was too complicated for my needs in that particular session and would have loved to have just used the normal monitor mixer.

It would be nice to have the option to CHOOSE whether I want Cubase to handle the DSP or whether I can stick with the DSP app.

Thank you.

If you uninstall UR Tools, you can use (and save/load setups) your mixes independently of Cubase. This is what I do and you can still set up independent cue mixes of Cubase tracks in the cubase Control Room and send them to your cue mixes in the UR while controlling the “live” inputs directly in the UR mixer.
The main reason I like this is I use different programs for different things and I want my cue mixes (and main mix) to be active all the time.

is it the tools Pete or just the extensions?


I would still like this option. Anyone else?


Hi All

If one saves a dspmix “setup” while C7 is closed then when opening C7, Cubase takes over control but on Closing C7 it reverts to the setup you have saved (if you save with most channels turned down), which would avoid the(very unpleasant and embarrassing I’m sure) problem you had.

Best Regards