DSP Record Channel Strip but NOT guitar amps?

I am wanting to record gentle compressing on my guitars to limit peaks but I also want to use the amp sims while tracking to feel distortion but NOT record the amp sims.

Is it possible to record the channel strip but not the guitar amps?

No you can’t. The “record” FX is for both slots.
So you can only use the compressor after the recording when you want to use the ampsim.

Thank you. That sucks.

Maybe you could try a compressor-stompbox pedal for recording?
But I personally would only use a compressor while mixing.

You could put the compressor on the DAW input instead, would that help you achieve what you want?

I just know that recording bass and vocals tends to have large peaks and valleys in volume. I’ll be trying to record between -12db and -18db and hope to succeed but…, if I get a great take going and hit a harsh note that distorts, I won’t be surprised. I was hoping to have maybe 1db of compression to just keep from that happening. I do have a digital compressor pedal I could use. Eventually I’ll have a nice hardware channel strip for this but that’s down the road.

1dB of compression will not tame large peaks. Just do not record too loud, level does not matter, you can always raise it after the recording.