DspFx not contronable through cubase anymore

Hey Guys, my Ur22c is not showing up as Hardware in Cubase anymore when i add an Audio track. Before the Update Today All was fine but since Today its not showing up anymore. Everything else works fine. In Studio settings it is selected and also direct Monitoring turned on but no way to get the Hardware comtrol back. Any ideas?
Windows 10 / Cubase 11

Hi and welcome,

What did you update, please?

Hey Martin, the Ur22c yesterday. With the New Firmware and the Software Update to 1.5

The strange thing is that in certain Youtube Videos its working fine for the people. So i really have absolutly no idea why its not working anymore


The firmware is really brand new. Are you sure the Youtube videos are using this latest update?

In this one definitly.
At 4:24 u See what i mean. At the left there is the Ur22 as Hardware visible

Like the problem I have, have to use Dspmixfx to control all audio input.

You don’t use DspMixFX to control the UR in Cubase. You use the UR Hardware extension in the mixer Rack. Unless they changed that with the update, it has been that way all along.

Exactly and this wont work

Because the Hardware Extension is not shown. And yes i have checked if its visible

Okay solved. The routing was strange. Don’t know why it changed but that was the solution