Dspmix fx reverb send active when starting Cubase

Hello Cubase nation,
I have the following problem: the reverb send of my ur-rt4 (dspmix fx) is active when I open a cubase project…
all the sound is swamped in reverb and even the vst instruments have reverb on them…
when I close down cubase and check the dspmix fx window the reverb is off; once I close the mixer and open cubase the reverb is back!
how do I disactivate this send? thanks to anyone willing to help!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Open the Hardware tab (or open the panel from the Studio Setup) and set the dspMix there, please.

If I use the hardware setup in the mix console nothing happens; I cannot deactivate the reverb using this method.


Sorry, I’m not at the DAW right now. In the Studio Setup, there is the hardware item (or something like this). Then the window appears and you can setup the Revert amount, etc.

Check the vst connections. What is assigned as your main Stereo Out (or Main Monitor if you are using control room)?

Maybe you accidentally assigned the reverb FX bus there.

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I know what window you mean; however for me its only a GUI, it won’t let me make any actual audible changes when I play around with the parameters. ?

It says “main stereo” in control room.

found it! thank you misohoza!
have a nice day!