dspMixFx 2.2 taking forever to start


I’m on High Sierra, latest revision. With the new 2.2 update I was hoping this software to get some refresh in the UI and some older oddity, but it doesn’t seem to have happened.

dspMixFx continues to take forever to start. On the latest tries, it took just a little less than one minute to start. This is maybe even worse than with the former version.

The Mac Console doesn’t seem to report anything related to Steinberg or Yamaha software, so there is no way to detect what is going wrong.


Hey Paolo
Try uninstalling everything related to the UR. Then reinstall the current version. Hope that helps.


Matt, thank you very much for your hints. I deinstalled the driver, console and effects with the supplied software. Then manually removed the dspMixFx preferences.

After that, I reinstalled everything, and updated the Yamaha driver (the one included in the Tools 2.2 is outdated).

No difference. dspMixFx continues to start very slowly – from 15 to 55 seconds, depending on the tries.