dspMixFx - ChStrip Only (no access to clean/crunch/lead/drive)

Hi Folks,
I have a UR824 with Win10 and Cubase Pro12. I have re-installed BasicFX Suite and the latest “Tools for UR824”, but no matter what I do, when I create a track and would like to monitor my guitar with (for example) a distorted tone using the GA Classics plugins that should be accessible from the Hardware Rack, the only option I get in the hardware rack is “ChStrp”. In the past I know I was able to access the Clean/Crunch/Lead options, but for some reason they dont appear anymore and Im at a loss.

Maybe its a red herring, but when I tried to load the GA Classics plugins as a regular audio track insert, there was some error related to the eLicenser that meant i couldnt load those plugins… I had removed the eLicenser dongle (as Cubase 12 doesnt need it) and replacing the dongle again today then allowed those GA Classics plugins to work again… but even though they now work, I still cannot access them through the hardware rack for zero latecy monitoring while I record guitars… any suggestions?
Greetings from Ireland!

Is the input mono or stereo?

The amp simulations only work for mono inputs. The track itself in Cubase can be stereo. But the input bus needs to be mono for the amp sims to work.

Thanks @misohoza really appreciate that! I was doing my tests using the stereo input… once I switched to a mono input the options that I wanted appeared again. Thanks for your suggestion!


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