dspMixFx crashes whenever i try to change Rev-x or the amps

i have the UR44 interface on a x64 Windows 10 Pc. Everything was working ok until a couple months ago when i tried to change de Rev-x setting in the dspMixFx GUI from Hall to Room or Plate. It crashes. The app freezed and it caused Windows to freeze also. I had to press Ctrl+Alt+Supr to close the app via the Task Manager. The same thing happens when i try to switch the Channel Strip for an Amp modeling in any of the channels.
Today i reinstalled everything (drivers and app) to the latest software available but the problem persists.
Any solution?

I have the same problem on windows

Did you find a solution? I have to press ctrl+esc so the Windows Start comes up and unfreezes de dspMixFx window