dspMixFx for iPad


We are pleased to announce the release of dspMixFx for iPad!

Together with the UR824, UR28M and UR44 audio interfaces, the dspMixFx app allows you to utilize the benefits of Yamaha’s custom-designed SSP2 DSP chip directly on your iPad. The dspMixFx app is free of charge, providing latency-free monitoring while running the REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics with other iOS audio apps. Giving control over the DSP features of the UR interfaces, the free dspMixFx for iPad is a convenient tool for every UR user who is also using an iPad.

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This is incredible – thank you!

I downloaded the demo, it looks fantastic! One question, I’m thinking of getting the UR824, will all the adat channels show up in the mixer?

FANTASTIC! Works perfectly! The ability to record the UR44 DSP FX in Cubasis is awesome - I spent an evening just having fun with the guitar amp simulations:-)
I’m thinking that it would be great if the app could be visible from the Audiobus toolbar, as a way to quickly switch to it from any other app. Or even a dedicated button in Cubasis to do the same thing?

Hi beatpete,

will all the adat channels show up in the mixer

Currently only the analog inputs and outputs are available with the iPad.

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Thanks for clarifying this. Is there a plan to add the adat inputs in the future? I was considering the UR824 for my band for live mixing/recording with an Ipad.

So, I gather from the lack of response that that is a no?

Hi Pete,

We are evaluating the possibilities of supporting digital channels as well.

Great, thanks. It would make the UR824 a no brainer for me (and probably a lot of others too).

I’m interested in this functionality and would buy the UR44 in a heartbeat, however I read elsewhere that ONLY the morphing strip and guitar amp can be recorded, NOT the REV-X reverb. Can you confirm this?

Is there a reason REV-X reverb can’t be recorded? Having that would make it an easy buy for me. I also hope digital channels will also become available, would love to get the UR28M and hook it up to the old MiniDisc recorder via S/PDIF.

I’d also like to know more about the Yamaha DSP in these units. Is it as programmable and versatile as DSP solutions in E-MU (Creative Professional) units? In other words, would it be possible to have more DSP effects baked in with future firmware updates?


How did the “evaluation” go, are we going to get the digital channels?


I have a UR44 and ipad4 with iOS 8.0.2 and dspMixFx installed, but I can not control my uUR44 from ipad.
All cables I use are good quality (not imitation).
When I connect the two devices and open the dspMixFx application, the USB icon at the top right corner flashes continuously. And not sound or changes I make in the app are appreciated.
The signal from my keyboard enters for channels 1 and 2 with a mono jack in each, and the red LED flashes in both. But I can not make it work.

Any idea how to fix this?
Thank you!

Is there a chance of it working with CSX? Any workaround?

I have a UR824 ,iPad and Laptop. I connect my Laptop for control with Ableton but would like to connect my iPad for DSPmixfx app. How can this be done? Thanking you

this is fantastic. i’ll try it

Fantastic! thanks. i downloading the demo.