dspMixFx for iPad


We are pleased to announce the release of dspMixFx for iPad!

Together with the UR824, UR28M and UR44 audio interfaces, the dspMixFx app allows you to utilize the benefits of Yamaha’s custom-designed SSP2 DSP chip directly on your iPad. The dspMixFx app is free of charge, providing latency-free monitoring while running the REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classics with other iOS audio apps. Giving control over the DSP features of the UR interfaces, the free dspMixFx for iPad is a convenient tool for every UR user who is also using an iPad.

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Yay!!! Thank you Steinberg! Buying a UR44 tomorrow. Now waiting for Cubasis 1.8 :slight_smile:

Wow! - I am so very happy to have purchased the UR44
Thank You!!!


Does the iPad have to be physically connected to the UR824 via USB or does it work wire-lessly. I have updated my UR824 firmware and tools and downloaded the app from the apple store. i have my UR824 connected to a windows computer via USB and both the computer and iPad are on the same network, but the apple shows no connectivity to the UR824. I am guessing it has to be hard wired?

Thanks for your help

Hi Bryan,

The UR needs to be connected directly to the iPad.

Is this then something that is only of use if you’re recording to your iPad, and is of no use to someone using their UR units and a regular DAW?

And if this is the case would you recommend updating your firmware anyway?


Yum! Bravo Steinberg!

maybe this is covered elsewhere but…are there any chances that iPad will be able to charge (in the near future)when UR44 is connected?

I know this question resides in “no mans land” between Apple (MFi*) and Steinberg (apply for MFi) but it would be really helpful not risking running out of battery on the iPad when recording a gig or rehearsal with the UR44+iPad.

Anyway, it’s a great improvement.



*Manufactured For iPhone

What type of connector do you use? The UM28 has that square usb - is there a lightning connector to the square USB?

What type of connector do you use? The UM28 has that square usb - is there a lightning connector to the square USB?

Jackgid3: no that was my question if there talks about Apple opens up the CCK for Mfi and charges (iOS8?)- or if Steinberg considers to “create a square usb to lightning” - someway as Apogee has miniusb to lightning.

I’ve been testing this on my ipad for a few days now. The whole concept is truly amazing and I love it. However, the app crashes erratically, not entirely but it stops my whole setup leaving a hung MIDI note. When this happens some of the other apps lose their MIDI port mappings with the UR44. My setup is Xysthesizr, Samplr, Steppolyarp all synced to Genome, also some external MIDI gear. This all runs with no problems if I turn the dspMixFx app off.

i have IPAD 3 and apple camera kit (Model A1358) and my UR28M have firmware 2.11 but when i connect my UR28M appear “Steinberg UR28M: the device conected is uncompatible”, what’s wrong???

Since this thread is a public annoumcement from steinberg, i assume the dspmixfx is not for the UR242?

Or, if i am wrong, could you let me know if the firmware of the ur242 requires update to run the software along with cubasis? And, could you please check your webside for inconsistency since the ur242 is not propery provided for as to information on dspmixfx.


I’m not sure that I’m asking these questions in the right place so feel free to redirect me if needed.

I have had a UR44 and ipad for almost 2 years.
Actually, I have 2 UR44’s.
I bought one to be the main interface for my home recording studio along with a PC.
It is a great improvement over my previous hardware. It interfaces beautifully with my DAW of choice and handles all my audio chores with ease and dependability.
The dspMixFx software [for desktop PC] is displayed quite small but I have a large monitor so it’s useable. If I try to enlarge the display it throws the rest of my system off. I’ve never encountered that problem with other software.

As I got to know the UR44 I bought another to use as a mobile interface/mixer.
I had been using my preferred PC Windows laptop/tablet in live situations.
Again, the hardware works beautifully BUT the dspMixFx is displayed as so small that it’s not usable.
I use the resolution recommended by the laptop manufacturer. No other software appears to be problematic at that resolution. If I try to alter the resolution to optimize the dspmixfx display, the view simply starts to distort and again, is not useable.

I tried an ipad. The dspmixfx software fills the screen perfectly.

Is there any way to improve the display on my Windows PC … my preferred computer.

Again, if this message would be best posted in some other area, please let me know.

I have been using a UR44 and ipad air for almost 2 years in live/mobile situations as a mixer and recording interface. Great hardware. I don’t like ipad but it was the only way to get the dspmixfx software displayed large enough to use.

I run the dspmixfx and set volumes, eq, etc for any connected instruments and microphones.
Once set, I can leave the dspmixfx and run other ipad programs, pdf viewer, tuner etc. It all worked well.

Recently, if I leave the dspmixfx program and go another program or even the the desktop of the ipad, the audio cuts out. Audio returns after 5-10 seconds but many of the settings on the dspmixfx program have been dropped.

Thanks for any help available