DspMixFX new version 2.0??

Web site says new version 2, with VST amps, great!
But when is it to be released?


V1.1.0 via itunes is our current version of DspMix including a Yamaha amp simulator.

Are you maybe referring to the 2.1 firmware that is required for your compatible UR interface in order to run the app with those features?



I was referring to the iPad app… But now I see what’s my problem, one can only get the VST though the Cubase on the PC, I’m still learning… :wink:
The hardware is great and the app also, I like the way you can disconnect from the USB and the UR44 is still set up, amps an’ all. So I can use it as a portable live mixer when I don’t need to record. Now if only it had internal batteries… that would be a sweet spot