Dspmixfx not showing audio input channel-strips (macos 11.6.6)

After running the TOOLS for UR-C V2.0.0 installation, dspmixfx is not showing audio input channel-strips any more. In cubase > Studio > Audio connections I can chose any of the 6 channels on my connected UR44C and I get sound in.

My previous settings on those channels take effect when I select different settings from the File menu - so everything works, except I can’t see or manupulate channel settings. The only visible strips now are: DAW, REV-X and MASTER.

I did the uninstall procedure before installing, and I’ve installed the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V3.1.1.

Please advice :nerd_face:

Can you send some screenshots?
I think there was an option to hide particular views…but I’m not really sure.