dspMixFx not working in Stand Alone


I’m trying to sort out how to use the dspMixFx either stand alone or with something like Traktor for jamming with.

My UR28M seems to be working fine.

I can use Cubase to record and playback, and no problems with using Traktor for playback.

I can launch dspMixFx but I don’t see how to route through it.

None of the sliders or effects seem to be active. I get nothing on the VUs.

If I play back Traktor, I get nothing on the DAW VU’s

But I can see the phantom power lights light up on dspMixFx if I hit the power on the UR28M, but for example, if I click the mix buttons on the UR28M or dspMixFx nothing happens to the opposite thing.

Am I missing something?



If an application, such as Cubase, is already controlling the UR, and you open the dspMixFx application, everything will be greyed out, because Cubase has taken exclusive control of the UR. Is this what you are seeing?