dspMixFx UR-C profile overwritten when closing Cubase

There is a bug that is causing my ears, and speaker, to explode from time to time. (okay a little over-exaggerated)

Basically, the selected and saved profile of the dspMixFx software gets reverted back to default every time I close my Cubase.

This causes the (in my saved profile) muted mic input to become unmuted, blasting through an infinite loop of sound as my speakers are on full volume.
I use my Mic for a lot of applications and don’t want to manually turn down my gain knob every time I close Cubase to open up dspMixFX, re-load my saved profile, and then put the gain of my Mic back to where it was.
Can this please be looked at?

Did you save your settings in the dspmix software as a preset over there?
My UR816C does not change its saved preset when I open or close Cubase, and I have always muted all channels. It stays that way all the time.

Yeah I saved it as a preset that I am using. It didn’t resolve the issue for me though.

Sorry, works fine here. I just have to load the preset sometimes and that can be done before or after launching Cubase., but most of the times the preset keeps its settings in the dspfxmix…
But I am used to check everything before I put on my headphones.