dspMixFx with Cubase

Does anyone feel, like I do, that the dspMixFx is a great standalone application? It’s simple to understand, easy to operate and gives you most (everything?) you need to use in a live gig instaed of a traditional mixer. You even get meters which display the input and output all the time! So why can we not use this application at the same time as Cubase? Ok, I know the integration is tight, but you simply loose functionality IMHO. For example, the output meters dont work within Cubase when you are direct monitoring, you are limited in Cubase AI to 32 channels whereas you could theoretically have 4 mixes x 24 inputs from the standalone application. Personally I’d like to separate out the recording part from the monitoring. Use Cubase to do what it does best - record the performance, then do the mixing afterwards etc, and use the dspMixFx to do the live monitoring. Anyone feel the same way?

I totally agree. I also prefer dspMixFx as external application instead of integration with Cubase.
I’d like to have the choice to switch between integration or not.

Can I use dspMixFx on two different computers without buying the additional USB licence?