Hello guys,
i just got the ur44. I have a question about the soft dspmixfx. Are lowpass filters,fx,eq of channel which i made in dspmixfx recorded? Or its just for a better performance for the vocalist? and i have to edit it later in my daw? Specially im not sure about the lowpass if i put in dspmixfx if it records so into my daw. Thank you!

In the DspMixFx panel, at the bottom of the meter, there is a choice for INS FX or MON FX. If you choose MON (monitor) then the effect is not applied to the signal going to the DAW. If you choose INS FX (insert) then the effect is applied to the signal before sending to the DAW.

Unfortunately, the reverb in the Bus section is monitor only but as noted by Jaslan above the Morphing Channel strip and guitar amp models can be “burnt to tape” if you select the Insert options. If you have the Basic FX suite license which comes with the UR44 you can can actually put the effects back on as VST plugins later in the mix too – so you could just set them as monitor effects and add them back later.