DTS/Dolby Digital plug-ins for output

Can we use those former DTS/DD plug-in dll files used in the folder \Plugin\Surround of Nuendo 3 in Nuendo 5 for Mac or PC? Are they still valid in Nuendo 5?

Can the supporting team or anybody tell me the possibility of their compatibility in Nuendo 5? Into which folder should I place the plugins if possible?

Hi Kevin,

yes, those plugins still work in Nuendo5 but have some limitations.
The Mac version can only be used on Apple PowerMac CPU computers.
The Windows version does not run on Windows 64-bit systems.

Please also look at (for the latest updates):

I hope that answers your questions. best regards, Tino

Hey Kevin.

If you download the UniCode versions, and simply install these - leaving earlier build well alone for backwards compatibility - the installer will put them where they need to be.
Dolby En/Decode still works well.
DTS-WAV does not work though - forget making a DTS-CD.
GUI issue - once you set up parameters and close the plugin GUI from Export dialogue, you get a grey box if you try to make a change later. Workaround? Close export dialogue & reopen it. GUI will reappear - but again only once.

On the plus side - something I have not seen mention of, either - the DD Encoder can go to 640kbps.
Whilst this was out of spec & not as good as half bitrate DTS (and therefore fairly pointless on DVD-Video), is acceptable in BluRay (although why on earth anyone would want to use Dolby Digital on anything purporting to be High Definition in any way at all is beyond me)