Dual boot W7 + W10

Have somebody done dual boot W7 + W10? :confused:
How´s to do that easiest and best way?

Bought a new SSD Samsung 850 pro and I´m going to clone it from old Intel SSD with w7,
after that upgrade Samsung 850 to w10.

Ís it going to be problems with Windows 10 and my Cubase Elements 8
and Vst plugins such as Addictive drums and Amplutube?



Yes, I’ve had W7 and W10 dual boot on my laptop.
You can check here how to set this up:


But you may have a problem with C Elements if you have your license on Soft e licenser. You would be using two different systems. It’s ok if you are using a dongle because you can only run one system at a time.

Not sure about other VSTs.
You need to check how many licenses they allow.