Dual Input (Yamaha DXR 10 speakers)

Hi folks,

I really can’t believe I’m asking this question to be honest, but I need a sure answer asap and so I’ll go ahead (probably making myself look extremely stupid!).

Tomorrow I have to use two keyboards and my Yamaha DXR10 active speakers… I’m having to cover on left-hand bass is the reason being. I have never used this particular configuration before (I’m sure you have all heard about ‘lockdown’!)

To carry a 12 channel desk with me is just overkill - I’m sure you will agree.

Yamaha seem to state that users can plug TWO instruments into each speaker (ie. so you can have two stereo keyboards - as in my case). So that would be the left-out from keys-1, and the left-out from keys-2 running into the left-side speaker; and the right-out from keys-1, and the right-out from keys-2 running into the right-side speaker. The particular input panel is “LINE 2” on both speakers.

If someone could could kindly clarify that would be great!. It’s too late here now to be plugging gear in and testing it etc.

Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.


Paul David Seaman (UK)


You may or may not find someone who knows these specific speakers in time (I don’t). But you don’t need to connect up what you’ll use at your gig to test the speakers - any 2 sound sources would work. And that should only take a few minutes - you likely spent more time writing this post than it would take to test it for yourself.

The speakers offer a small mixer on the back of each.
So don’t understand the question.

I can see your point, however, my speakers are in the boot of my van in the garage, as I have to leave mid morning. Hence the late email. As I say, I’m going to be using two keyboards tomorrow night as I’m on left hand bass duties!

I’m just double checking simply for belts and braces to be honest. I’ve never used the speakers in this configuration before (only ever using one keyboard at a time). It’s a four hour drive tomorrow so I wanted to be on the ball as to whether or not I should take my Yamaha MG desk.

To put the MG desk in the van as a backup is not that expensive and could not harm anyway.

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Thanks, that’s great. Better to be safe than sorry! :grin:

I fairly sure the speakers will cater for two synths in stereo, but still not worth risking a four and a bit hour drive! lol

ahh, gotcha. Good luck with it all.

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. . . btw - the speakers are so LOUD! I only had them set to less than level #2!