Dual monitor, C9 settings - issues or differences?

Just installed C9, opened projects done in C8 for testing.

I don’t know if it’s related to my lack of experience with C9 or anything related because I am opening projects made under Cubase 8.0.30 ??.. but here’s the trick:

  • I launch projects that had been created with dual monitor settings : one for track pane, one for console view usually.
  • the 3 projects I tried (made like that) which I have opened, opened just the track pane on one monitor. I had to open the console view through the DEVICE tab (wasn’t that under Workspaces before ??..)
  • When I tried to close the project from the monitor holding the console view, it closed that window, but the project remained active (track pane) on the second monitor. Had to go on that monitor and close it there… Just like if Cubase was treating the two monitors like two projects… weird, no ? (Or again, my lack of experience with version 9 ??..)

Any idea ?


By default the new project opens with the same windows layout as the last closed project. So if you closed the MixConsole of project A and the opened project B, the MixConsole stays closed. This is new since Cubase 8 or 8.5, I’m not sure, now. Your can change this in Preferences.

To close a project you have to close the project window. Closing MixConsole doesn’t close the project. It’s like this since ever.

Well that is what i would expect indeed. And if i close the “window” of the mixconsole, i’d agree it does not close the project. That makes sense. But:

  1. i am sure the mix condole views were not closed previously (on all 3 projects i tried), and

  2. i am going on Cubase / close project on the monitor handling the mix console, it does not even prompt me for “saving”, but it only close that window… project remains open on the second monitor… then if i close it from there i am prompted for saving before …

Weiiiirrrrd… :slight_smile:


I’m not sure we are on the same page. I refer to the last open project not to the status how was the project saved.

Martin, i have separated my messages parts. Hope it males my point clearer. I am not concerned at how to save a project. I am wondering “why” doing either “file / close project” or “Cubase / Quit Cubase” on the “mix console” monitor does not either close the project or quit Cubase. Doing so has the same effect as if i was just clicking the red button (on the red-yellow-green typical osx frame) - which indeed would just have the effect of closing that window…


File > Close command close the active window. If it’s Editor, it closes the editor, if it’s Pool, it closes the Pool. If it’s MixConsole, it closes it.

It’s like this since ever.