Dual Monitor issue

If I try to click on anything on a 2nd monitor it will close/minimize whatever plugin is open in Cubase. Then to make matters worse when I go back to click on a track’s ‘e’ to open the inserts it will flash the plugin then close and then I must click a second time.

Imagine in that second monitor I’m watching some YouTube tutorials about a particular plugin and in the other monitor I have said plugin open and I’m trying to seamlessly learn by flying back and forth between the monitors often pausing YouTube to quickly make moves in the plugin. Except that’s a fantasy from my Reaper days, because when I clicked to pause YouTube the plugin closed and then when I clicked the inserts it only flashed said plugin and forced me to click a second time. Well now I’m unsure of what was just said on YouTube so I unpause and by clicking back on that second monitor now the plugin has disappeared again. Talk about ruining your flow. For real.

Please help me end this issue.

When I’m running videos to learn from while operating a software program, I keep them separate from the computer I am working on, it can create hassles sometimes running both on one computer. I either run the video on my laptop or if I can get them in MP4 format, I put them on a USB stick and then run them through my DVD player into the TV.

With youtube I download the videos into mp4 format and put them on a USB stick and then watch offline on the television while I run the software on my computer.

I appreciate the help but there’s no way I’m downloading YouTube videos in advance lol, the whole point is to learn quickly otherwise this wouldn’t all bother me. Also and importantly Reaper didn’t have an issue with this whatsoever.

I agree. It drives me crazy. Yet another Cubase irritation.

This happens when the plug-in window is set to be Always on Top. It has nothing to do with a 2nd monitor, nor does the window close. It is just not visible when the focus isn’t on Cubase. That’s why clicking e closed the window. Set it to NOT be Always On Top and it will not disappear when focus shifts from Cubase. It will even have its own tab on the Windows Taskbar.

Thanks a ton. I would have assumed that always on top meant that the plugin window is… always on top? At least the issue is solved. Thanks again.

Yeah, what sort of madman would have assumed that(!) :unamused: Thanks for the tip @raino.

Wait this hasn’t solved the issue at all. If I manually turn off always on top on a certain plugin then that plugin within that session behaves as I want. Despite unchecking “Plug-in Editors “Always on Top”” it didn’t change anything. I don’t know if the word editor in plug-in editors always on top has any significance?

Any ideas? :frowning:

let me add to be clear that despite unchecking that preference that by default all plugin instances have always on top checked, even new instances and despite restarting Cubase and my PC.

Don’t know about that. But I was referring to the setting on the specific window not in Preferences.