Dual Monitor = Right locked Master Fader disappears


this was an issue I noticed since Pro 8.
I use 2 monitors when I work, my main sequencer window on the right and the Mix Console window on the left.

On my Mixer I lock my Master Out Fader on the right side via the “Zone” list, but sometimes when I reduce/reopen the Mix Console window (F3) the Master Fader is not visible, and the only way to bring it back “locked” is to click twice on the “Show/Hide Right Zone” on the top right of the screen (I don’t use the Control Room panel so it’s usually hidden).
Doing so my Master Fader appears back locked on the far right of my tracks as it’s supposed to be : https://vid.me/k0Fh
I’m using Windows 10 Pro.

same here. Only happening in Cubase 9 though.