Dual Monitor Workspace Issue

Hi all,

I have two DELL U3014 monitors and I usually have both Mix Consoles (1 and 2) on my left monitor with #1 taking the top half of the screen and #2 taking the bottom half, and my Edit window is on the right Monitor.

When I do the whole “Organize/Lock/Activate Workspace”, everything seems to work fine except for the top MixConsole (1) that constantly wants to lock itself on the top of my RIGHT monitor (where my Edit window is located). The weird thing is that no matter where I drag the BOTTOM Mix Console (2), it will always slap back to exactly where I locked it! Why isn’t the Mix Console (1) doing the same thing?

Desperately need help on this,

Thank you!


I had an issue with the workspace that I’ve solved, perhaps it could help you: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=64125#p382545

Thanks for your reply, that did it! The window was in maximize mode (green plus sign on Mac) and that’s why it wouldn’t go to the left monitor. Thank you very much!