Dual monitors

Hello people! First of all, i’m new to music and cubase and second, my english are poor! I’ve got a problem, nothing serious but, annoying! I’ve got 2 screens one above the other, and i keep my mixer open on the top one while composing. Every time i open a new or existing project, the mixer is always hidden behind the sequencer in the bottom screen. I tried to save it as worckspace, but doesn’t let me. Anyone know anything about it? Thank you!

I have two monitors - but wider desktop - and mixer always stays there on second, never did a thing about that.
So when my mouse move right - it eventually enter second monitor.

Is your setup then as a higher desktop - not wider?
You move mouse up and eventually come on the other monitor?

This is a setting for graphics in you machines graphics drivers - how the monitors are setup.
Thinking some confusion in Cubase over unusual setup - could be considered a bug.

If not solved, are you on Windows or Mac?

workspace-> add workspace->type name and click “Global”

shouldwork. unless cubase doesn’t recognise you have 2 screens in which you need to go into computer settings

I have 3 screens and always the mixer comes up on top of the main screen. Never where I left it. I suppose I am just used to starting project/F3/double click and move the mixer to monitor 3. Would be nice if I didn’t have to do that every time. Kinda like making coffee in the morning tho. Just a habit…

Try placing the Cubase menu bar on the monitor where you want the mixer to open. Quit and restart.

Well look at that. Totally did the trick!

Thanks BJ!