Dual mono files...

I can’t seem to get this to work. Attached are screenshots where I’ve setup the names to look for, and the files in the Finder. WL routinely opens them as 2 mono files. Does the file extension need to be included in the name to look for? What else am I missing here?

Again, PG, please– there really needs to be a way to simply force opening of 2 specific files as dual mono, regardless of their names.


2nd example…

Do not specify the file extension.

OK, but that didn’t work either.
Oddly, there are some files where WL simply does nothing when I select them and open-- the dialog closes itself as normal, but there are still no files open. When it does open something, it’s always as mono files.

There is indeed a problem. This will be fixed in 9.0.25
In the mean time, the L and R suffixes work.

OK, thanks.

Any input on my continues M/S editing problems?

And the still unresolved issue with MIDI plug-in control?

I can’t put these on-hold to resolve this in WL any further.

Any input on my continues M/S editing problems?

You would need to summarize the problem (in this thread). I have read it again, and I don’t get exactly what you mean.

And the still unresolved issue with MIDI plug-in control?

Your last post in this thread, seems to imply the problem is solved, no?

Import Dual Mono is still not working, even using L & R suffixes– my understanding of your above post is that should work. What is an example of a specific filename & separator that should work? I tried several.

Piano-L.wav / Piano-R.wav
is working here.

I have raw M and S mono files. I add to a Montage. They cannot be edited together– split clip, fades & moving clips only affects 1 track.
Also, when splitting clips on a single track they are not automatically re-named, so rendering fails because the same name is used for each clip. The only work-around is to re-name every clip on each track manually.

This is a simple everyday workflow when working with files recorded from an M/S mic setup.

Not here on dual-mono, OS 10.10.5 + WL Pro 9.0.20.


Regarding plug-in MIDI control: No change for me here, either. Same behavior where the remote device controls can be defined, but the plug-in is unresponsive in Remote edit mode to assign controls to parameters.

Yes, the problem with not being able to assign MIDI controls to menu commands is resolved.

Not here on dual-mono, OS 10.10.5 + WL Pro 9.0.20.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/538 > … alMono.mov

The root of the name must be the same. Else these are considered as unrelated files. Imagine if you would open 10 dual mono files: some correlation is needed… the root.

I have raw M and S mono files. I add to a Montage. They cannot be edited together– split clip, fades & moving clips only affects 1 track.

Combine them as a single stereo file, and this will work. If you use single files for M and S, then that means you want to process them individually. With an M/S encoder files, you have the choice.

They can be edited together, it’s how I do 5.1 editing across multi-stereo-mono tracks:

Track 1 Stereo: LFront RFront
Track 2 Mono: Center
Track 3 Mono: LowFreqEffects
Track 4 Stereo: LSurround RSurround

On Windows, the qualifier key to group adjust fades across all selected clips is Alt, after selecting the clips with the lasso tool. Not sure what the key is on Mac. Use “split across all tracks”. Use grouping and/or global ripple to move the clips together.
Multi-track editing Is not ideal. People ask for multichannel files to edit and process, but then I wouldn’t be able to put whatever (non-multichannel) plugin I want to on some of the center channel clips only (I don’t think), so that would be a compromise to me… Maybe other programs can virtual split multichannel files to do that and still keep mass edit. I don’t know.

Or use PGs suggestion to make stereo. But it can be made to work in multi-mono.

Auto-rename does seem like a good idea when a clip is split, but what program does that? Reaper doesn’t, unless there’s an option I don’t know about.

OK. FINALLY making some progress with this, thanks for all the advice.

I will say the M/S track functionality needs some refining, IMHO. I’m not entirely sure what its role is supposed to be, when the workflow is often the same as the L/R tracks: Process differently, edit together. I don’t see when I’d want to edit the S differently than the M, except in the oddest of circumstances. It’s a little confusing to have that mode available, when it then doesn’t seem behave the way it would be most useful. Having to re-name everything manually to render isn’t workable. I consider working with M/S files in L/R kind of a workaround, as all the tracks and processing functions refer to L/R, instead of M/S.

There’s the summary of my piece– I hope this makes sense, PG, and there can be some consideration of a typical real-world workflow in future updates.

Thanks much,