Dual Mono Mode for plugins (like Logic X)

Does Cubase have a nice way to implement Dual Mono for adding plugins like Logic X recently came out with?

I’m not sure if others are using it in this way… but I find that when I do use plugins (in the box) and not using my outboard hardware, I really enjoy implmenting Dual Mono. (Basically it processes a stereo track with 2 instances of a Mono Plugin)

What I really like about this (and you have to obviously be carefully with stereo imaging of compressors) is that it adds a slight variation between the channels. So if a stereo EQ or stereo saturator etc…it will be just so different when you’re dialing in the setting (unless your a preset junky) and sounds more analog and random to me.

Does cubase easily do this? Its REALLY nice in Logic X.

It would seem more useful to have mid/side processing, which I think Wavelab has?

TO the OP, no. To do in Cubase you either create extra buss’s or else some kindo of container plugin (like metasynth).
There are a lot suggestion for this sort of thing and I would certainly like it. When you look at the plugin routing features in Cubase, it’s seriously outdated IMO and ready for a fresh pass.

Can’t you use the routing section of inserts ? I haven’t used them recently

Dual Mono, please.

Yes, this works.

Many overlook the routing part of the inserts apparently :slight_smile:

Can you explain how I can load up 2 versions of a UAD plugin on my stereo bus across an entire mix?
One for the Left Channel and One for the Right Channel?

Routing Example: M/S Processing

Routing Connections