Dual mono probs need advice

Hi All
i want to try something with a dual mono setup i recently heard about.
like many people i use a multi bus setup now i want to add a parallel bus to my mix bus it is advantageous to have a dual mono compressor so as the Independence o f the left and right side stays intact

i tried the cubase vintage compressor x 2 one left and one right and used the routing in the insert bus to patch one left and the other right…

now the problem starts …
i pan the signal that feeds this “P” bus left or eight but both compressors are active as apposed to left or right depending on the pan,
the insert in the bus is in pre and the send from the signal is set to post fader…

i hope i have explained well enough ?? can anyone tell me where i went wrong or maybe share some experience with me

i have tried other compressors also . no change
i could use two mono buses anthe feed that to another st bus but i dont want the clutter

stereo plug ins behave different than 2 mono versions…

you have to go the mono bus route or you should use compressors with M/S processing or something similiar…
But there is a reason why stereo compressors exist at all… keep it in mind!


do you feed the parallel bus via aux send?
Then maybe your send pan does not follow your main pan?


yo !
i know but i just want to try and see if say the bv are mor to the right why should it interfere with the whole stereo field or lets say the git riff is hitiing one side it would be nice to have that freedom … i just want it to be a parallel compressor for my mixbus…

could you expand on that please
i do and how can i change that … this could be the reason

its post fader so i thought it should follow … maybe i am mistaken

well, I could have sworn, that it was possible to change it on an existing channel, at the moment I only find it as an Option for new channels…strange…will have a look at C10.5 later on…
Anyway, in Preferences under “VST” there is an option to"link Panner for new Tracks" (translated by me from german…careful :crazy_face: ).
This will at least do it for new tracks.

Hope this fixes it,

Hi Dirx
ich kann ach Deutch Reden wann es dir besser ist …
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Hello Tony,

if you don’t have a dual mono compressor you need to set up two mono channels and send 100% L and R panned signal to them, respectively. There is a way with a stereo channel, too, by setting up the paths in the insert bay. The better you look at this video, that explains the above:

Hi knopf…
yes this is where i got the idea in the first place … i am doing the third option it doesn’t work because both compressors are working the same although the mix i am feeding them is definitely left sided .
so this means the left side is influencing the right side as well which is not what i wanted.
/thank you so much for your reply though.

ich kann ach Deutch Reden wann es dir besser ist …
aber dein Englisch ist Perfekt

:+1: vielleicht machen wir es spannend und versuchen eine 3. Sprache… :joy:

I hope it works now for you.
I forgot to mention in my last post, for existing channels you can at least pan the sends manually to match the “main Pan” of the channel, if you do not want to create new tracks with linked panners for a complex Project in progress.


Hi Dirx
ja super lol/
ok i got it working
1 i had a duel ch comp i just forgot i had it its the waves dbx 160…
2 this is the embarrassing thing … the reason it was not panning is because en route to the bus the signal goes through several groups and this is where the mistake was … mono signal into mono group into a stereo group this is why the panning was messed up …duh i feel like a right loser now lol
3.shortly after this post someone put up a great video on youtube … awsome but by then it was too late however he used the multi direct outputs in summing mode… real cool

anyway it was a great learning experience if nothing just to check details b4 i start crying haha.
Dirx …
Danke fuer alles .
Bleib gesund