Dual mono / Stereo Hardware FX

Is there the chance to define dual mono HW FX, eventually?

Nope, they dont care.
No one aparently uses External Hardware anymore.
We are not relevant in this world.

Really? Should I have to trash my Pultec, TG1, etc.?

No need to trash…I’ll take it off your hands (for a fee) :wink:

You are too kind! :smiley:

If your soundcard lets you define ASIO channels you can make duplicates of the hardware I/O and then setup a two mono instances and one stereo instance.

you can also use this weird little routing editor in the channel editor. one of the tabs has these little wires inside the “insert” slots.
simply set up two mono devices, and insert them after another, bypass l/r channel on each ( using the wires ). ugh, that’s kinda hard to explain.