Dual panner bug

When using the dual panners mode on faders, you cannot click and drag the top (left) panner.

It will jump to a position that you click with the mouse, but it won’t let itself be dragged.

The bottom (right) panner works perfectly.

Can not confirm this -
Working fine here - on PC

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dual panner working fine on xp


I’ve gone back to it today and it seems to be intermittent. This is Stereo Dual Mode only.

Sometimes it works on the first click, but then won’t on subsequent ones. Others it won’t work at all. Then sometimes there’s a lag of a second or two after you click and hold, and the little bar will suddenly jump to the cursor position and you can then freely drag it around.

It’s worse with the top (L) slider, but the bottom ® one can also play up.

This happens in both the Inspector and in the Mixer when using the sliders on top of the fader.

If you use the sliders in the Inspector at the top (the really thin ones!) they seem to work OK.

On the same machine running 5.5.2, all these sliders work perfectly.


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Ah i thought it was just my shaky hands! I was struggling with this a bit the other day… one minute it worked the next it didn’t… nice to know it’s not me then!